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Flooring Products

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Custom Architectural Elements

Flooring Products

Custom Architectural Elements

Custom Architectural Elements

Custom Architectural Elements

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Furniture & Countertops

Custom Architectural Elements

Pushing Concrete to the limits

GFRC GRC Quartzcrete Ultra High Performance Concrete Slab Tile Architectural Concrete

What we do

We manufacture architectural, customized products with specially engineered high perfomance concretes

We use the latest in polymer technology, nanotechnology, fiber technology and pozzolanic chemistry to create an amazing range and variety of products

We believe that concrete offers unparalleled opportunities for designers and architects to create unique features and create elegant designs

Material Benefits

Our specially engineered High Performance concretes are engineered specific to applications.  We do not use any metallic reinforcement in our concretes. This means that the reinforcement of our concrete is corrrosion proof (unlike conventional precast reinforced concrete elements) , and our superior strengths allow us to create thinner, lighter sections, thereby reducing load on the building.

Our materials are suitable for outdoors as well as indoors, as concrete has excellent weathering properties

When we require hardness and abrasion resistance, we are able to engineer and create concretes which deliver very high compressive strengths and abrasion resistant top surfaces

The fineness of our mix also allows us to create superior finishes and allows us to create very intricate details all of which leads us to believe that our materials offers wonderful opportunities to create sustainable, environment friendly, building elements, which have excellent weathering properties, resulting in durable, beautiful building elements.

About Us

Experienced and Reliable

We are part of the Southern Group Companies, a respected closely held business conglomerate established in 1963, based in Chennai. Our flagship concrete tile range 'Eurocon Tiles' is a pioneer and market leader in the field of concrete tiles.

Quality Products

We have a heritage of manufacturing high quality products with concrete and were the pioneers in concrete flooring tiles in India in the 1980's, through our flagship brand 'Eurocon Tiles'. Over time we launched other extremely popular tile ranges like Rustiques, a heat reflective roof tile- Scudo. Please do visit these pages and get in touch with us for any enquiries for these products too

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